Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blu-ray 'A Star Is Born' heads classic DVD releases

June 25, 2010By Susan King, Los Angeles Times

Leading the pack is Warner Home Video's Blu-ray release of the 1954 Judy Garland classic "A Star Is Born." Garland made a triumphant comeback in this lavish musical- drama based the 1937 film about a star on the rise who marries a star on the decline ( James Mason). Garland and Mason have never been better under George Cukor's direction, and the Ira Gershwin and Harold Arlen score, which includes the standard "The Man That Got Away," is joyous to the ears.
Warners recently did a major digital restoration of the film, which the late film historian Ron Haver reconstructed in 1983. The studio unveiled this gorgeous print at the TCM Film Festival in Los Angeles this year, and it looks just as good on Blu-ray. The set's second disc is filled with extras, though a few, including the original telecast of the 1954 premiere, were previously available on DVD. Others include additional takes of "The Man That Got Away," an alternate take of Mason's suicide scene and several new audio takes from the rehearsal and recording session.

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