Sunday, February 17, 2008

Judy Max Factor Ad

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Buzz Stephens said...

If you want to discuss or hear more from Judy Garland, be sure to stop by The Judy Garland Experience on Yahoo.
This week they are featuring Judy's final recording session from June of 1969, as well the complete Broadcast of one of the Good News shows featuring Judy, an hours worth of ultra rare outtakes from A Star Is Born, other Judy rarities, and live performance by Billie Holiday at The Uptown House, Anita O'Day with the all stars, and Doris Day live from Television City.
If you are not familiar with The Judy Garland Experience it is one of the larger and more popular Judy groups. The membership includes fans of all levels, as well as Garland family members, people who knew and worked with Judy, other celebrities, authors, film makers, and more!
Along with the constantly changing audio files, the group also features an impressive collection of Judy images, lively discussions, and all things Judy.
Please stop by and check it out.